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Have we heard enough about Luther lately? Maybe not! Luther's "connection" to the Three Angel's Messages and the 19th Century Advent Movement is almost symbiotic as well as breathtakingly relevant. Luther even seemed to anticipate the Millerite revival of the mid-1800's and its attendant emphasis on the judgment hour.
Paul's most enigmatic assertion, expressing his desire to be "absent from the body," has intrigued Christians for many years. Today we'll explore other Scriptures, including Paul's own explanation, to determine what it means to be absent from the body. The amazing truth about this discussion is that those who hope to escape deception will find a clear Biblical answer!
Throughout the Christian journey, God calls us to leave our comfort zone, but the rewards from doing this to share the gospel are well worth the challenge.
Uploaded by Decatur Seventh-day Adventist Church on 2018-01-27.

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